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  • Collectible Military Handguns

    SMOF7213 - RARE ASTRA 300 PISTOL WITH NAZI MARKINGS SERIAL NUMBER 571,168 CALIBER 380 AUTOMATIC The Astra company was the primary supplier of pistols to the Spanish military. Their 400 series of pistols were the standard sidearm of the Spanish army before, during and after the Spanish Civil war. Their pistols have a distinctive rounded appearance. During the World War II the German military contracted with the Astra company for 10,000 pistols in 9 mm Luger and they also contracted for about 63,000 in 380 automatic. These were delivered in 1943 and have the Waffenamt 20 marking on the right side of the receiver. It is believed they were issued to Luftwaffe.

    This pistol is one of those delivered to the Luftwaffe. It has the correct Waffenamt markings. The overall finish would rate about 90%. The action is tight and the bore is bright. These Astra pistols with Waffenamt markings are rare, this is the first one we had for sale in over 20 years. $1295.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF7216 - GERMAN P38 MADE BY WALTHER FOR THE FRENCH ARMY. SERIAL NUMBER 6162I CALIBER 9 MM NEW CONDITION WITH BOX AND PAPERS The German firearms industry has been noted for innovations. The P38 was one of these. While the Luger was an excellent semiautomatic pistol it jammed when exposed to small amounts of dirt, and was quite expensive to make. Starting in the 1930`s the German army began looking for a new pistol to replace the Luger. The Army finally accepted the design by the Walther company. Thy new pistol was designated the P38 for Pistole 38, the year it was adopted. It featured a double action lock, the first adopted by a major army. It was also much easier to manufacture than the Luger.

    While the Lugers were the most prized souvenirs captured by our soldiers, the P38 came in a close second. Each German infantry division was issued about 1100 P38s to arm their machine gunners, NCOs, etc.

    The Walther factory was captured by the U.S. Army in April 1945. It was then turned over to the French Army. They ordered production of the P38 to continue to equip their own army. This continued into 1946 when the French shipped the machines to France, and destroyed the buildings. The P38s made for the French army are believed to have gone primarily to the French Foreign Legion.

    A small number were obtained by Interarms of Arlington, Virginia in the late 1960s. To market them the company had boxes manufactured for them and labeled the pistol "The Gray Ghost" because of its Parkerized finish.

    This pistol is one of the Gray Ghosts. It is in new condition and all numbers on the frame, slide and barrel match. The German proof eagle has been replaced by five pointed star. The finish is the gray Parkerized finish that gave the gun its nickname. An interesting variant of the P38. $1100.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF7240 - BERETTA MODEL 1934 ITALIAN MILITARY PISTOL MADE IN 1936. SERIAL NUMBER 549363. Caliber 380 Auto (9 x 18 mm). The Beretta Company has been making firearms since the 1600s. It was one of the principle private arms makers who supplied the Italian Army during World Wars I and II. It has continued manufacturing quality firearms since, including the M92 for the United States Army. The open topped barrel design was pioneered by Beretta. The Model 1934 was the standard sidearm of the Italian army until its surrender in 1943, and was then used by Germans. It was simple, rugged and reliable.

    This pistol was made in 1936 for Mussolini`s army and is marked with the letters RE indicating acceptance by the Italian army. The Italians were still using a high polish finish on the slide. The overall finish would rate over 95% showing some slight wear on the sharp edges. All numbers match. The metal backed plastic grips are in very good condition with the Beretta logo present. The barrel is bright with crisp riflings, and the pistol has the correct magazine with the finger rest. An above average example of the well designed and made WWII Beretta Model 1934. $695.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF7242 - US COLT MODEL 1901 DA .38 ARMY REVOLVER SERIAL NUMBER 101352 MANUFACTURED IN 1898. This revolver was delivered in June, July or August of 1898 as a U.S. Army Model 1894 revolver, under Colt`s third contract for this model (Best, pp. 144, 236).

    The butt swivel which was the distinguishing feature of the Model 1901 was adopted in 1901. Model 1892 and Model 1894 revolvers were repaired and/or overhauled/updated by both Springfield Armory and Colt. Springfield did not change barrel markings (patent dates) or butt markings (model year) but Colt DID update barrel patent dated and butt markings on SOME guns.

    The "MODEL 1901" marking was applied (by Colt) to Model 1894s which were updated to M1901 configuration with a butt swivel, and will be found on numerous serial number guns made prior to their contract for new production Model 1901 revolvers. The contract called for them to be refurbished to "as new" condition, completely repolished, so the new butt markings will look original. (Best, p. 182- especially the 4th paragraph.)

    Some of the Model 1892 and Model 1894 revolvers had assembly numbers marked on the barrel in addition to the frame, crane, latch, cylinder and grips. The barrels and cylinders received a P marking when proved. (Best pp. 236-237)

    The cylinder of this revolver is marked with "RAC" which is struck twice (not a double stamp in one location, but two separate locations. Metal finish is overall excellent with about 95% of the original bluing which may have been touched up in some areas remaining. Good blue on the trigger and bright polished sides on the hammer. Good mechanics and excellent bore. A scarce model, especially hard to find with any condition at all. $850.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF7033 - EXCELLENT ORIGINAL UN-TRIMMED WEBLEY MARK III SERIAL NUMBER 75154 CALIBER 455 WEBLEY Until the 1960s the British presided over an Empire that stretched from the Canadian arctic to the tip of Africa and across India and Africa. The extent of their empire demanded reliable small arms that worked in all conditions, were also sturdy, and required little maintenance. By the late 1880`s the British Army adopted a break top, double action, six shot revolvers of 45 caliber made by Webley and Scott. This pistol went through 6 models (Mark I through VI) and continued in service until 1932, when the caliber was changed to 38. The same design in 38 caliber then served into the 1950`s when it was finally replaced by the Browning High Power automatic pistol.

    This pistol has the initials "S" over "A. S. C." stamped on the back strap. The pistol very likely saw service in the Boer War which was fought against South African farms (Boers) from 1899 until 1902. The serial numbers are all matching with the numbers on the frame matching those on the cylinder and barrel. The pistol has not been trimmed to accept .45 ACP cartridges, it is still chambered for the 445 Ely, unlike most Webley pistols seen in the U.S. that were converted.

    The over all condition is excellent with over 97% of the original finish remaining. There is the usual wear on the sharp edges and high spots with some small dings that one would expect to encounter on a revolver that is over 100 years old. The bore is bright and the action tight. The grips are original and do not have cracks or any dings.

    Finding a Webley in the original 455 Ely caliber and with possible provenance to the Boer War is a rare event, this would make a great addition to any collection. $1450.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF7051 - MAUSER HSC PISTOL SERIAL NUMBER 853319. CALIBER 32 AUTO (OR 7.65MM RIMLESS) WITH GERMAN MILITARY MARKINGS The Mauser company introduced this pistol to compete with the Walther company PP and the Sauer Model 38H, perhaps hoping for police contracts. The pistol features a double action lock (it can be fired with the hammer cocked or uncocked). Most of the production went to the military with many pistols procured by the German Navy. They were also provided to the German police.

    This pistol was made sometime after 1941. The finish would rate about 95% with some wear around the muzzle and on the high edges. The wooden grips are in very good condition, with no chips or cracks. The German WW-II Heerswaffenamt inspector`s mark on arms produced at Mauser Werke AG, Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany, eagle over WaA135 is present on the left side of the trigger guard where it meets the frame. Eagle over `N` commercial test proofs are on the right side of the chamber (barrel), on the right side of the trigger guard, and on the right side of the slide near the muzzle. All numbers match, and the barrel is serial numbered to the frame. The bore is bright. This is a well above average example of a pistol issued to the German police, and military during World War II. $775.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF7050 - HANDSOME FN (BROWNING DESIGNED) MODEL 1922 WITH NAZI MARKINGS. SERIAL NUMBER 52537B. CALIBER 7.65 (32 AUTOMATIC) The FN Model 1922 an developed from the FN Model 1910. The Model 1910 was designed by John M. Browning of Ogden, Utah, and was one of the many pistol designs he created between 1900 and his death in 1926. One thing that sets the design of the Model 1922 apart from other pistols of this type is that it has a longer barrel with a detachable slide end to simplify disassembly.

    When the Germans captured the FN plant in May 1940 they had the plant workers continue to make pistols for their military. Model 1922 production went almost exclusively to the Luftwaffe (air force) so there is a good chance that this is one that was used by them.

    The pistol is in very good to excellent condition with 95% plus of the original bluing remaining, it has all the correct Nazi inspection (waffenamt) and proof markings and the serial numbers on the barrel slide and frame all match. The grips in excellent condition and the bore is shiny with has sharp riflings. $775.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF7049 - EARLY BLUED CZECH CZ 27 PISTOL, NAZI MARKED. SERIAL NUMBER 195246 CALIBER 32 AUTOMATIC. The Czech firearms industry grew up from the old Imperial arsenals that supplied the Hapsburg empire with its weapons. World War I destroyed the empire and created the nation of Czechoslovakia. The Czechs created a company called CZ which began designing and making weapons for their army and for export sales. It quickly established a reputation for high quality firearms. The Czech army was equipped with the CZ 27 when it was taken over by Germany in 1938-39. The Germans, ever in need of small arms, adopted the CZ 27 for issue to its own troops.

    Early war models like this came with a high quality commercial grade blue finish rather than the later parkerization over rough machining markings. The bore is shiny with strong lands and grooves. The grips have the usual (for this model) small chips missing at the lower front near the magazine but are but are otherwise very good with sharp markings and checkering and no cracks. Pistol retains 95% + original finish. The pistol has good straw color on the trigger. All of the numbers match. The Nazi proof eagles and inspector`s marks are present and clearly stamped in the proper locations on the barrel, slide and frame.

    The Czechoslovakian Model 1927 with German markings is an essential part of any German WWII handgun collection. Early models like this one with commercial quality high polish finish are especially desirable. $775.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF6277 - SAUER MODEL 1913 SEMI AUTO PISTOL SERIAL NUMBER 14611 IN 7.65MM (32 ACP). In 1900 the FN Company began selling their 32 caliber pocket automatic pistol. It was an instant success and the word `Browning` went into the French language to mean a pocket automatic pistol. Other companies hoping to take advantage began introducing their own pistols small automatic pistols. One of these was J. P. Sauer and Sons, a well-established German arms maker. Their first pistol was the Model 1913, a simple, yet effective design. The outbreak of World War I a year later gave them a large market among German officers who had to buy their own pistols.

    This is a nice looking pistol, it retains 95+ percent blue, that is likley an old refinish. Top of slide is marked "J.P. SAUER & SOHN , SHUL". Right hand side slide is marked "PATENT" and "CAL 7.65 is marked on the left. The bore is shiny with strong lands and grooves. The grips are white replacements, possible mother of pearl or some other material with the same look. The grips are in good condition with no cracks or chips. $375.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF6273 - FRENCH `UNIQUE` MODEL RR51 SEMI AUTO 7.65MM (.32 ACP) PISTOL USED BY MOROCCO SERIAL NUMBER 114228 - Prior to WW2 the earlier Uniques were known as the Unique Model 17 and adopted for French military use. Following the arrival of Germans in 1940, production continued and after some improvements (mainly an external hammer and arched gripstrap) it was called the `Kreigsmodel` and many were German inspected and used. Production resumed after the Germans went home, and in 1951 a new variation was introduced featuring a longer extractor (abbreviated Rr in French).

    One Rr 51 `Police` variation had one line slide markings including the word Police, and checkered grips. This is the other Model Rr51 variation with two line slide markings, and vertical ribs on the grips instead of checkering, and the letters FR for Republique Francaise. Later commercial production pistols had grips with UNIQUE markings.

    Most of the Rr51 pistols were supplied to the French National Police, but this is one of the pistols sent to the Kingdom of Morocco to arm the Moroccan National Police Force and Royal Military Police Force. These were marked on the right rear of the frame with a Crescent over a Pole which collectors often refer to as a `Palm Tree.` Like all of the series it is chambered for .32 ACP (7.65 x 17mm) and has a nine round magazine and has a magazine safety.

    This is an excellent example with good bore, good mechanics, about 97% original finish, good grips and one original magazine. An interesting example of a well made gun with Browning influence, and possible the start of a collecting niche for French military or quasi military handguns (only surrendered once...) or French colonial arms. $550.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF6330 - EXCELLENT JAPANESE WWII T-94 IN 8 MM SERIAL NUMBER 21992 DATED 16.12 The Type 94 was designed by Kijiro Nambu in 1934, in response to army requests for an 8mm pistol for airmen, tank crews, and others for whom the standard T-14 pistol was too bulky. The type designation reflects a change in Japanese nomenclature, after 1930, the system was based upon calendar year instead of reign-periods, and 1934 was `2594` in Japan. The Type 94 chambered the standard 8mm T-14 cartridge and relied on a vertically-moving block to lock the slide and barrel together at the instant of firing. The block is cammed out of engagement during a short recoil stroke. The sear is exposed on the left side of the frame, allowing the hammer to be released if a cocked pistol is carelessly handled.

    Enthusiasts recognize many variations of this model, this is an early war pistol that was manufactured in December of 1941 at the Nagoya Nambu-Koubunji factory. The metal is in excellent condition with 95% plus original finish remaining and a small amount of light wear on the high spots. The bore has bright with good lands and groves. Grips are in good condition with no cracks or chips missing. Overall this isa very nice example of a T-94 pistol. $895.00 (View Picture)

    Classic & Collectible Commercial Handguns

    SMOF6743 - NORTH AMERICAN ARMS MINI 22 IN .22 LONG RIFLE CALIBER, SERIAL NUMBER L105290 The tiny single-action North American Arms Rimfire pocket revolver combines light weight and a low-profile for convenient carry. The stainless steel frames and cylinders make the durable and rugged. Cylinders hold 5 rounds and can be removed for reloading.

    This is a handsome little revolver in excellent condition. It is the perfect solution for small light-weight concealed carry. $250.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF6645 - SMITH & WESSON MODEL 41 TARGET PISTOL SERIAL NUMBER 17263 .22 LONG RIFLE WITH 7-3/8 INCH BARREL AND COCKED INDICATOR. NICE! The Model 41 is a semi-automatic pistol developed by Smith & Wesson after World War II as a competitive target pistol. Smith and Wesson designed the Model 41 to be the finest 22 target pistol that could be manufactured and many people believe that they were successful. It was designed with a 105 degree grip angle which is the same as the Colt M1911 pistol. This was intended to maintain a consistent grip angle for competition shooters who are often involved with both centerfire and rimfire shooting. Since the model is considered to be one of the world`s finest target pistols, it was purchased by the government for military marksmen as well as by civilian target shooters.

    Serial number range for this model began 1954 at 1001 and continued to 115000 in 1970. We believe this pistol (17263) was manufactured in 1959. The pistol is one of the highly sought after early model with 7-3/8 inch barrel and cocked indicator, the cocked indicator was dropped on later versions to reduce production costs. Pistol is in excellent condition with only a few small dings and scratches. $1200.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF6601 - HIGH STANDARD MODEL C-102 SEMI-AUTO 12 GA SHOTGUN- 18 1/4" BARREL Serial number NONE (pre-1968 serial number not required) Serial numbers began appearing on the High Standard shotguns during mid to late 1967, although two letter date codes were used on the barrels as early as 1958 Beginning about 1958.

    High Standard made shotguns under their own name starting around 1960, although they had been making guns sold under "house brand" names for other retailers since the late 1940s.

    They used a long list of model numbers for their guns, and they are hard to sort out, but we believe that this is part of the Supermatic C-100 family of semi auto shotguns introduced circa 1966. It is 12 gauge with 2 3/4" chamber. Reportedly these are good solid guns, although not as well known or appreciated as those from Brand "W" or Brand "R".

    Overall excellent condition with about 95%-97% original blue and the varnished walnut stocks having only a couple of minor dings, and some flaking of the finish on the forend grip. This was probably a longer barrel which was cut to its present length, a real bargain for someone at only $350.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF6606 - HIGH STANDARD SUPERMATIC MODEL S101 - CALIBER .22 LR. SERIAL NUMBER 573175 MANUFACTURED IN 1956. The High Standard Supermatic line was introduced in 1951, it replaced the G series, and was a much more refined pistol with a slide stop, barrel balance weights, improved adjustable target sights and the lockwork refined.

    This pistol has a 4.5 inch bull barrel with slots for barrel weights. The serial numbers on the slide and frame are matching. Pistol retains 90 to 95% original finish with some slight holster wear on the tip of the barrel and on the sharp edges. The bore is shiny with strong lands and groves. Grips are in very good condition with strong checkering and no cracks, chips or dents. This would make an excellent competition pistol or a handsome addition to a collection. $495.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF6608 - UNFIRED! HIGH STANDARD SUPERMATIC CITATION MODEL 106 MILITARY - CALIBER .22 LR. SERIAL NUMBER 1889094 MANUFACTURED IN 1967. This pistol appears to be unfired and it comes with the original box and papers.

    The High Standard Supermatic line was introduced in 1951, it replaced the G series, and was a much more refined pistol with a slide stop, barrel balance weights, improved adjustable target sights and the lockwork refined. The Supermatic Citation was designed for target shooting, it`s micrometer rear sight was mounted independently from the slide to improve accuracy.

    This pistol has a 5.5 inch bull barrel with slots for barrel weights, the serial numbers on the slide and frame are matching. The pistol was manufactured in 1968 and it is in brand new condition, probably unfired. It comes with the original box and papers. There is no visible finish wear, the bore is bright and shiny and the grips are nice and clean with sharp checkering, not dinged, cracked or oil soaked. The box is in good condition with some slight wear. $995.00 (View Picture)

    SMF6739 - RUGER STAINLESS STEEL NEW BEARCAT IN .22 CALIBER SERIAL NUMBER 93- 41161 MANUFACTURED IN 2008 The Ruger Bearcat was first introduced in 1958 and stayed in production until 1970. It is a design based on the classic Remington percussion revolvers of the mid- 19th century. Because of its compact size and frame, it was advertised as being ideal for hikers or campers in need of a .22 LR revolver, or "kit gun".

    Due to the popularity of the design Ruger reintroduced the model in 1993 as the New Bearcat. The New Bearcat features smooth rosewood grips with a Ruger medallion embedded. The New Bearcat makes use of the Ruger transfer bar safety system.

    This revolver was Manufactured in 2008, it is in excellent condition bit a bright and shiny bore. $550.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF6832 - COLT .38 SUPER AUTOMATIC PISTOL MADE IN 1935- SUPERB! WITH CASE! Serial number 17959 made in 1935 with 98-99% original high polish blue finish. It will be nearly impossible to find a better example! The quality of the workmanship and finish on these pre- WW2 Colts is simply breathtaking.

    This is basically a Model 1911A1 pistol modified only as much as needed to function with the .38 Automatic Colt Pistol cartridge which had first been introduced in the Colt Model 1900. The `.38 Super` designation actually referred to the pistol, to distinguish this new offering from the older Colt models 1900, 1902 and 1903. Eventually, after WW2 there began to be differences in the ammunition, with older .38 ACP cartridges having slightly less velocity and significantly lower chamber pressures than the similar size cartridges loaded and sold as `.38 Super.` (There is a very good discussion of the history of the cartridge at

    There is a great history of the .38 Super pistol development from Man At Arms magazine at 424459169224/colt+super+automatic+copy.pdf which we will summarize here. The .38 Super pistol was introduced by Colt in 1928 as a higher velocity smaller caliber alternative to the .45 ACP Model 1911 with greater penetrating power, and began shipping in 1929. A total of about 37,000 were made prior to WW2, and during the war the British bought up 1,120 .38 Supers on hand and later the OSS bought 400 for their use. In addition, there were Match and Super Match versions offered for target shooters where this was a very popular competitive pistol.

    This is about as nice an example as most people will ever see. There is a tiny scrape in the finish on the front strap, and another on each side of the slide, and one eraser size spot where the deep blue finish is discolored. The sharp corners on the front of the slide show just the faintest bit of finish loss. This is an honest 98-99% gun, all totally original, never dinked with or touched up. Perfect bore. Comes with one original magazine. The case is a custom made case, very nice quality with red cloth interior, and would work equally well with any of the 1911 series pistols if you do not want to use it to protect this exceptionally nice gun. $5500.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF6277 - SAUER MODEL 1913 SEMI AUTO PISTOL SERIAL NUMBER 14611 IN 7.65MM (32 ACP). In 1900 the FN Company began selling their 32 caliber pocket automatic pistol. It was an instant success and the word `Browning` went into the French language to mean a pocket automatic pistol. Other companies hoping to take advantage began introducing their own pistols small automatic pistols. One of these was J. P. Sauer and Sons, a well-established German arms maker. Their first pistol was the Model 1913, a simple, yet effective design. The outbreak of World War I a year later gave them a large market among German officers who had to buy their own pistols.

    This is a nice looking pistol, it retains 95+ percent blue, that is likley an old refinish. Top of slide is marked "J.P. SAUER & SOHN , SHUL". Right hand side slide is marked "PATENT" and "CAL 7.65 is marked on the left. The bore is shiny with strong lands and grooves. The grips are white replacements, possible mother of pearl or some other material with the same look. The grips are in good condition with no cracks or chips. $375.00 (View Picture)

    SMOF3494 - STAINLESS STEEL COLT GOLD CUP MKI SERIES 80 NATIONAL MATCH IN 45 ACP SERIAL NUMBER SN22869. Colt introduced the Gold Cup National Match Automatic in 1957. The Gold Cup was designed to offered competitive shooters a pistol which was accurate enough to go straight from the dealer`s shelf to the match competition firing line. Every Gold Cup pistol came from the factory fitted with specially hand-fitted parts (every metal to metal contact part was hand honed, hand fitted and hand finished), reduced slack between barrel and slide, adjustable spring-fed trigger stop, wide grooved trigger, adjustable square notch rear sight, flat mainspring housing (arched optional), deeply serrated receiver face for firm grip, specially designed extractor to eliminate damage to empty cases, flat grooved slide rib, improved (enlarged) ejection port, more positive (larger) slide serrations and beautiful royal blue finish on sides with the remainder sand blasted to reduce glare.

    Colt introduced the Gold Cup MKI/Series 70 National Match in 1970. Series 70 Colt Gold Cup pistols incorporated Colt`s "Accurizor" barrel and bushing which used a spring-steel, "finger collet" bushing that gripped the end of the barrel, which had also been slightly redesigned with a slight belled end to accommodate the collet bushing. The new "Accurizor" barrel and bushing was intended to improve the intrinsic accuracy without sacrificing reliability.

    Colt introduced the Gold Cup MKI/Series 80 National Match in 1983. Series 80 Gold Cup pistols incorporated a new firing pin safety system that made use of a small plunger located inside the slide to block the firing pin against movement, thus preventing the pistol from discharging accidentally should the pistol be dropped or hit hard while fully loaded with a round in the chamber. Two small sheet-metal levers working alongside the trigger pushed aside the plunger, which would then free up the firing pin to fire the weapon once the trigger had been deliberately depressed. Around 1988 it was decided that the collet bushing wasn`t all it was cracked up to be, as there were a few reports of the bushing fingers breaking in use. In addition, it was felt that modern CNC manufacturing techniques had allowed tighter factory tolerances with the older solid bushing setup. As a result the original mil-spec barrel and bushing configuration was reinstated.

    This Gold Cup was manufactured after 1983, it has the correct Elliason type adjustable sights series 80 type safety system and Colt diamond checkered black wood grips. The pistol is in like new condition, and comes with the original Colt brown wood grain box and papers. $1295.00 (View Picture)

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